Our Mission

At Wallace Consulting, our goal is to become a trusted resource for you and your family by providing efficient, effective solutions for your tax needs through the expertise of our staff and the quality of our service.

Our Values

Empowerment and Embracing Diversity.

We believe the most successful workplace features individuals with a variety of skills, qualifications, culture, and values coming together as one team.

Honesty and Feedback.

Whether it’s to our clients, our co-workers, our ourselves, honesty and direct feedback are crucial to a successful organization. We take pride in our work, our service, and our knowledge- always striving for the best. We appreciate positive feedback, but know constructive criticism can be important for growth.

Continuous Improvement and Professional Development.

Our belief is that extraordinary individuals are lifelong learners. We cannot provide our services to the best of our ability if we do not continue to learn and progress.

Teamwork and Fun.

Professionalism can be found in a relaxed environment without the stuffy, conventional “office” feel. Our team believes collaboration and efficiency can be well balanced with fun and relaxation.

Customer Satisfaction and Results.

We are nothing without our dedicated clients. We strive to get to know our clients- asking questions about their families, interests, hobbies, and goals. Our team has served several generations of families and to us, that is priceless.

Balance of Work and Home Life.

We are human. We have families, interests, and goals of our own. Our clients are of utmost importance, but the health and wellbeing of our team is invaluable. If we get time to be the best version of ourselves in our personal lives, we can be our best for our team and our clients.

Our Path

In 2008, Wallace Consulting was founded by Neal Wallace on the belief that clients are entitled to personal, individualized attention. Having worked at multiple top accounting firms before starting his own, Neal discovered that clients rarely had a chance to develop a professional, long-term relationship with their accountant or tax preparer.

Thus, in establishing Wallace Consulting, Neal ensured clients would have direct access to a designated professional who would become familiar with their respective tax history, current needs, and future goals in order to provide them with the best return possible. The focus on personalized, individual service led to tremendous success over the years.

Neal and the dedicated staff at Wallace Consulting have been able to take that philosophy and expand to serve thousands of clients in multiple locations locally, in various states, and even in other countries! The professionals at Wallace Consulting have experience in a wide variety of industries which allows them to better assist a broad range of clientele.

Offering the experience of a large firm, with the pricing and attention of a smaller firm, Wallace Consulting has helped generations of families and looks forward to continuing such a strong legacy for years to come.

Our Team


Neal Wallace


Neal is the founder of Wallace Consulting, LLC- specializing in small business services and individual tax preparation. As a tax professional, Neal has helped individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations navigate the world of tax law – often helping generations of families and successors to business clients. His years of experience and continuous training enable him to solve complex tax issues and to offer tax planning services.

Neal earned his Bachelor’s in Accounting in 1998 and his CPA in 2003. Prior to starting his own firm, Neal began his career at some of the nation’s top accounting firms, including BKD, LLP and McGladrey & Pullen LLP.

He enjoyed his work at these firms but saw a need for small business and individual clients to receive expert service at a reasonable rate. Thus, Wallace Consulting was established. Over the years, Neal has acquired several firms with current locations settled in Merrillville and Gary, IN.

Professionally, Neal enjoys working directly with his clients, the challenge of identifying and solving problems and helping his staff grow into their full potential. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP).

Personally, he is passionate about sports- you may spot Saints or LSU gear in his office. Neal is a history buff and enjoys learning more about how society has developed. He also enjoys traveling- especially to a tropical location or to his home state of Louisiana.


Teresa Wallace, EA

Tax Manager, Partner

Teri has always been interested in learning and solving problems. She holds degrees in Business Administration, Human Services, and Psychology. As she was earning her Masters, she volunteered for the IRS’ Volunteer Income and Tax Assistance (VITA) program which led to her interest in doing tax work. The opportunity to help others, continually learn new information and share that knowledge was exactly what she was looking for in her career.

Professionally, Teri thrives on being challenged and enjoys working with small business clients. She is well-versed in payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, and tax matters. Teri is licensed by the Internal Revenue Service as an Enrolled Agent. She is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and holds several certifications in Quickbooks and Accounting. Teri has direct experience operating various small businesses, which is an asset to her clients.

Personally, she is a Northwest Indiana native and a Lake Central alumna. Teri dedicates her free time to her 3 children, enjoys dog sitting, and enjoys traveling to gain new experiences. She has also spent time volunteering in her community at organizations such as St. Jude House, Community Help Network, the VITA tax program, and is an active member of her children’s school PTO and Band Boosters.

Teri was recently voted into the board of Northwest Indiana Influential Women’s Association (NWIIWA) and is also an active member and co-chair for their Events and Education Committee.


Roni Kristek

Executive Manager

Roni brings forward 43 years of experience primarily focused on Business Administration. Her knowledge in small business operations and extensive training in QuickBooks gives her the ability to succeed in her position. She worked closely with Neal at multiple national CPA firms, building a professional bond that made her the ideal candidate to manage and oversee the day-to-day operations of the multiple locations he was establishing.

Professionally, Roni is empowered by creating a positive atmosphere in the work place and encourages teamwork, excellent client service, and a professional work environment. She truly enjoys seeing her co-workers grow and succeed in their positions. As “Central Command” for all Wallace Consulting locations, Roni works closely with each staff member to ensure each hub functions to the best of its ability.

Personally, Roni treasures the time she spends with her 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Outside of the office, her passion is crafting- from wood work to rock painting to reclaimed items that she turns into art. Stop by the Taft location and you’ll see her seasonal decorations brighten up the space!


Brent Vanschouwen

Accountant/Tax Preparer

Brent enjoys the accounting field because it allows him to help clients and build strong relationships. He also enjoys the challenges accounting and tax preparation provide due to the ever-changing tax laws. He provides exceptional customer service by having in-depth knowledge of applicable tax laws, regulations, and deadlines as well as a passion for research.

Brent graduated from Indiana University with highest distinction. He currently holds a bachelor’s degree in business with a major in accounting and finance and is working toward expanding his resume by obtaining his Enrolled Agent certification.

He is experienced with both individual and business tax return preparation, as well as providing accounting services. He is proud to be a member of both the Indiana CPA Society and National Association of Tax Professionals.

Personally, he was born and raised in the Northwest Indiana region. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife and daughter. Brent also enjoys traveling with his family anywhere with a warm climate and beautiful beaches. Additionally, Brent takes time to volunteer at his church to help with the finances.

He is eager to build his clientele with the firm and looking forward to new and exciting changes in the tax field.


Kayli Cinko

Staff Accountant

Kayli is a driven and detail-oriented accounting professional, eager to make a positive impact at Wallace Consulting, LLC. Kayli is a senior at Purdue University Northwest majoring in Accounting with a minor in Psychology, and will graduate in August of 2023. She has a solid foundation in accounting principles alongside a genuine interest in finance and numbers, with a passion for accounting and its analytical nature. 

Throughout her studies, Kayli has cultivated a deep understanding of accounting practices, from financial analysis and forecasting to tax preparation and compliance. Kayli previously worked as a retail banking intern at Centier Bank, where she provided excellent customer service and worked as part of a team to analyze consumer behavior to bring valuable insights to senior management. 

Professionally, Kayli is committed to providing excellent client service and ensuring their financial needs are met with precision and accuracy. She enjoys solving problems and views challenges as opportunities for growth. Her main goal is to pass the CPA exam within a year of graduation, further establishing her experience in the field. 

Personally, Kayli finds joy in water sports, hiking, painting, and quality time with her beloved pets, friends, and family. She also enjoys dog sitting and walking. 

Kayli is excited to join Wallace Consulting and contribute her expertise while gaining valuable hands-on experience in the accounting field and is committed to service excellence.

Kimberly Johnson photoksj@wallace-cpa.com

Kimberly Johnson

Kimberly has enjoyed working with numbers her entire life. She started off in the tax field preparing her and her family’s tax returns then began her career in 2015 working for Jackson Hewitt. Even though she was doing what she enjoyed, it wasn’t challenging enough. That changed when she came on board at Wallace Consulting in January 2017. She was faced learning new software and taking on a former employee’s large clientele. She quickly learned the new system and tackled all the challenging scenarios that came her way.

Professionally, Kimberly has expanded her knowledge and client base over the past several years. Since joining Wallace Consulting, she has gained experience in small business accounting, payroll, QuickBooks, and Excel. She is looking forward to expanding her knowledge base and learning how to prepare more tax forms such as Trusts and Estates and various business returns. Her current goal is to earn the designation of Enrolled Agent and to be the best preparer she can be for her clients.

Personally, she spends her summers in Alaska playing in the largest National Park in the US. She also loves rockhounding, hiking, kayaking, bird watching, and discovering new places to enjoy.


Executive Greeter

Loki is a self-starter and takes his job very seriously. He wakes bright and early each day with renewed energy to focus on his mission: welcoming everyone who walks through our doors!

Becoming the Executive Greeter has been no easy task. Loki puts in long hours of evaluating each client with a sniff to ensure they’re clear to enter, taste-testing every employee’s lunch to make sure it’s safe, and comforting both clients and staff alike.

Though he hasn’t mastered answering the phone or delivering paperwork, he’s still an invaluable part of the team!

Loki spent his first months on a farm in Texas and truly enjoys being outdoors. Though he’s not a fan of Indiana winters, he enjoys providing warmth to our office with cuddles, kisses, and napping in his cozy beds. In his free time, he enjoys sunbathing, playing fetch, and chasing his friends.

(Check out Day of the Dogs if you’d like to find your own furry friend to love!)